Sadler: Balance International Sadel-demo... (Reklame)

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Sadler: Balance International Sadel-demo... (Reklame)

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Jeg har en rigtig rar dressursadel (synes jeg, i hvert fald).
Den er fra Balance International, og deres sadler er lidt anderledes end "de fleste".
De er rigtig brede, har meget bredt sadelkammer og giver hesten rigtig god bevægelsesfrihed.

Tjek hjemmesiden - vær parat til at læse...

Nexus Dressage er en superrar, blød, behagelig sadel - det er den, jeg har (og de lavede den i chokoladebrun til samme pris - bare til mig... :elsk: )

Og hvis man har brug for en VIRKELIGT bred sadel, er Balance også med:

Her er den mail, der havnede i min inbox i dag - til dem, der måtte være interesserede:

4-5th of August 2012
Stutteri Fjordvang, Kildehojvej 10, 3310 Olsted

I have been asked to come to Denmark to do a BALANCE Saddle Clinic, and to help the organiser I want to spread the word to people who I already now. If you know somebody who would like to have a look at a CONSTRUCTIVE Saddling System, then this clinic would offer an opportunity.
The organiser, Nadia Udsholt, needs at least 10 people with horses, to keep the cost down for the participants. At the moment, there are a few places left, and we would like to fill them. Please take note, this is a clinic to learn and to find out, it is not a selling exercise for me. Everybody participating with a horse will get an order form filled out with the relevant information they need, but what they do with this form afterwards is totally up to them.
If you want to secure a place for you and your horse, please email Nadia on or me on any of my emails below.

Of course, people without horses are welcome too! You don’t need to contact me for that, go straight to Nadia.

It is a long time since I visited Denmark in a working capacity. BALANCE has developed a lot of new saddles since then.
Two of them are a version of the Nexus dressage and jump saddles, called Extreme Dressage or Extreme Jump, so this makes 4 different Nexus saddles. The Extreme is giving more support for the rider than the standard version, and basically is aimed for people doing high level activities with their horses.

The Equinox is a new saddle, we had the General Purpose dressage and Jump available from last year, and it has proven to be a well liked saddle by many horses, and riders. Now we also got the Extreme Dressage and Extreme Jump in the Equinox.

Western Saddle, well it is to be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland later this month. If you are interested in trying one at the clinic, please let me know as soon as you possibly can, so I can make sure I have one in time.

I have attached the current price list, but there are a few saddles that are not available, as they need to be revised. It is the Kestrel, Robin and Wren saddles. Otherwise the list is up to date.

Lots of things has happened since you last saw me, I have left the UK and live in the south west of France. So of course, it is not often I come up to the northern hemisphere. But if you have a BALANCE saddle, and you think you need to check the arrangements of pads etc, then instead of having me onsite, you can send me some photos. I have attached a pdf. file which explains what photos I would need from you. Please, please either make sure the size is small, 500 kb is enough, OR, use something like Dropbox or SugarSync to email them to me.

On that note, I would like to wish you all a very lovely summer!

Birgitta Bergsten
BALANCE Reg. Saddle Consultant
Mobile 0044 77 69 69 1708
- Ninie.

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